About Sue

Sue Reed

Some of you may already know me through my work as The Woolly Pedlar. For the past eight years, I have worked as a textile designer, turning waste wool knitwear into upcycled clothing.

However, as I approach sixty, I feel it is time for new chapter. I have always promised myself that by the time I was 60, I would be a writer. So, I am heading off to Newcastle University in September to undertake a MA in Creative Writing.

What was the woolly garret at the top of our house, has now become the wordy garret.

I live in a wonderful part of the world, in rural West Northumberland, with my husband Tim, in a house in the countryside with its own little stream and beautiful garden. Our three children are all grown up, and we are delighted to have recently become grandparents to little Daisy.

Before running my own business as The Woolly Pedlar, I taught children with severe learning difficulties for many years. I loved my work, and would try to bring the world alive to my students through sensory dramas and creativity in my work.

Up North

I have migrated slowly north throughout my life, having been born and brought up in Sunny Worthing on the south coast in the sixties and seventies, before going to teacher training college in London, where I met my husband.

I moved up to Liverpool and lived in Toxteth in the early eighties. This was an exciting time, with politics and passions riding high.

We bought a derelict lead miner’s cottage in Upper Weardale as newly weds, and spent the next fifteen years renovating this, and bringing up our three children as hippies in the hills.

I took a break from teaching, and job shared with my husband at a lead mining museum, researching and teaching others about the life and times of the Victorian lead miners.

From Weardale we moved up into Northumberland, where we now live.

I have lived through many decades, in a variety of contrasting locations, with all the changes these have seen both culturally and politically. I hope very much to draw on my life’s experiences in my writing.