Organic gardening pest control
Do pigeons do pilates
Do pigeons do pilates

Do pigeons do Pilates?

Will this keep them off my peas?

My brassicas are in plastic pots

Tin foil flaps in the breeze

It’s time for us to build a cage

Keep caterpillars at bay

The butterflies may be beautiful

But my greens are here to stay.

               Lockdown life continues at Bridge Cottage with all its ups and downs and levels of emotion. I worried this week that I was over-sharing on social media. Was I showing too much of country life and the garden? Was I upsetting folk that are locked down in cities, in flats and apartment blocks without access to gardens or the countryside? I spent a couple of days away from social media to reflect, but I got lonely. I missed the connection. I missed having people to ‘talk to’.

Connection, friendship
Connection, friendship

I decided I needed to keep posting and chatting to the followers of my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, so I expressed my worries, and then shared a picture of my kitchen disaster when I took my eye off the ball whilst making dandelion honey. The comments came flooding in from folk who said they enjoyed my posts, reassuring me I wasn’t blowing my own trumpet, and I encouraging me to carry on.

Dandelion Disaster

Here at Bridge Cottage, we garden using organic gardening methods, and pest control sometimes means thinking out of the box. I came up with the poem at the top when trying to keep the pesky pigeons off my cabbages using old CDs strung up on string – I noticed they were pilates CDs, and the line ‘do pigeons to pilates’ stuck in my mind. I’m no poet; it’s just a bit of fun.

Plastic Bottle Cloches

Plastic bottles chopped in half do make good mini cloches to keep the frosts and rabbits off my brassicas. I’ve grown the seedlings in the greenhouse, then hardened off before planting out this week. So far, there are two types of kale, and a primo cabbage.
I took a look back at the old Bridge Cottage Way blog I used to write over on Blogspot – the photos made me smile, and the garden has changed to much. I love the photo of Tim with his cauliflower – here’s the link if you want to watch it too: A Wander Round the Garden in May. I see I was covering cabbages with pop bottles back then.

Pallet log store
Pallet log store

When Tim’s finished the log store he’s been building next to the sauna using reclaimed pallets and other repurposed bits and bobs, we will be building a frame to put netting over which, fingers crossed, will keep the pigeons and cabbage whites away from my greens.

How are your gardens growing? Have those with no gardens managed to grow anything in pots?

I’ve jumped on the bandwagon of those turning their hands to baking sourdough bread this week, and thanks to Gilchesters who delivered flour, and to The Boy Who Bakes for his excellent tutoring, I have managed to make a decent loaf. I am hooked!

They may need to widen the door frames when I come out of lockdown.

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